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Experience truly relaxing and healing massage at the comfort of your own home and office. Escape the hustle and bustle, recharge your body, heighten your immune system, release blockages and increase your body’s metabolism.

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snooze® is mobile massage on demand company, with a network of experienced massage therapists throughout Singapore and Malaysia. We provide you the best massage therapists available on-demand to your home, hotel, workplace, or event. You can book  from as little as an hour ahead of time, or up to a 2 weeks in advance. At snooze®, you get the best from a massage session, because we understand that a good massage is not just limited to the skills, but also attitude and experience of therapist.

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The Story of Snooze®

snooze® was launched in year 2015 with a mission to help anyone to relief and pamper themselves at the comfort of own place. If you have ever experienced the inconvenience of getting to a massage place during peak hours, you are not alone because that was how snooze got started back then. Traffic was bad and finding a parking spot was even harder.

On top of that, as massage enthusiast, we realized that the best place to be right after a good massage is, HOME. We started to finding ways to get a perfect massage experience. What started as a solution to our own problem has grown into a promising business.

To date, snooze® has more than 180 experienced therapists in it’s network and served more than 5000 customers in Malaysia and Singapore providing mobile massage services to home, hotel and workplace.

snooze® therapists offer various massage services, including body massage, foot massage, head and shoulder, and pregnancy massage care. snooze® are available seven days a week from 9am to midnight.

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At Snooze Massage, we understand that a good massage is not just limited to the skills, but also the customer service and the capacity to provide peace of mind for every customers.

want a personalized solution?