RTK Antigen Rapid Test Kit.

AccuFind COVID-19 Ag™ Rapid Test Kit 

High accuracy RTK Antigen test kit and get results in 10 minutes. For medical and professional use only.

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What is AccuFind COVID-19 Ag?

AccuFind COVID-19 Ag is a rapid test kit developed by DNA Link which has received CE mark certification on Nov 2020. It is created to detect the COVID19 virus in patients even when they are newly infected. This is possible due to the use of antigen as diagnostic reagent.

This rapid test kit provide instant result upon completion of test, making it one of the fastest and most reliable comparing with conventional test that take hours.

According to study conducted by DNA Link, AccuFind COVID-19 Ag showed 97.5% sensitivity and 100% specificity making it one of the best rapid test kit available.

Meeting strict safety guidelines and performance requirements in Europe, AccuFind COVID-19 Ag is given CE Certification and now widely distributed in Europe and US.

A COVID test conducted in clinics or hospital usually cost hundreds of dollars. With the availability of AccuFind COVID19 Ag, you can get it done at your own space with less than 100 ringgit.

How To Use AccuFind COVID19 Ag Kit?

Question about purchasing AccuFind COVID19 Ag Rapid Test Kit?

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Question about purchasing AccuFind COVID19 Ag Rapid Test Kit?

How do I purchase?

Purchase can be made online at https://www.snooze.my/product/covid19-test-kit/ or contact us at whatsapp https://wa.me/60173003370 if you need further assistance before purchase.

What are the payment methods?

We accept credit/debit card and online banking payment from the web purchase.

Is COD available?

We are unable to do COD because delivery in done by courier service.

How is it delivered?

We use J&T express courier service.

What is the delivery timeline?

You will receive your order in ONE working day.

What is the shipping cost?

Free shipping to whole malaysia for order of more than 2 sets. 

For 1-2 sets:
RM5 to Peninsular Malaysia.
RM10 to East Malaysia.

Can I get discount for bulk order?

For bulk purchase of 50 sets and more, kindly contact us at 0173003370 or whatsapp us at https://wa.me/60173003370.

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