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Promote a Tranquil Workplace and Boost Employee Productivity

Office Massage as Corporate Benefit

Eliminate Stress and Reward Your Employees

Rewarding your employees has a serious ROI in productivity and company loyalty, increasing growth and reducing turnover.
To eliminate workplace tension for your employees, we provide in-office massages that’ll get employees clear-headed and performing at their best.

● Improve employee morale and get everyone in a team-based mindset
● Watch as productivity increases as employees are more relaxed and completing tasks efficiently
● Maintain employee loyalty by creating a beneficial atmosphere

Corporate Clients

In-Office Seated Massage

Excellent Massage, by Experienced Masseuse

The Ultimate Office Perk
Snooze provides on-site massages that’ll boost employee productivity and morale, helping you scale much quicker than you anticipated.

We’ll travel to your office and reward employees with a rejuvenating massage designed to decrease stress and help them look forward to coming to work for you.

Office Massage as Corporate Benefit

Outperform Competitors With an Employee Benefit Program

Employees work harder when they believe their company cares about them. Stay ahead of your competitors by cultivating a rewarding culture such as office massage workplace that’ll have your employees working in overdrive toward a common goal.

Snooze provides customized corporate massage programs that your employees can participate in. And we make it easy for you! Snooze’s qualified masseuses will travel to your place of work. Whether you’re looking to organize a continuous reward, or a special treat, Snooze has packages of corporate massage you can choose from.

Choose from a weekly, monthly, yearly or occasional massage program.
Your employees will thank you for it, and your company will reap the benefits of productive employees.

Seated office massage is proven to improve workplace mood and productivity.

An occasional office massage as employee benefit program helps to reduce stress and muscle stiffness in office. Reducing stress directly benefit the organisation as it increases productivity and performance. Other than that, you get a happier workforce.

A reward that’s unforgettable.

Forget the typical contractual employee benefits. Start a rewarding culture that’s unforgettable, because you are the coolest boss in town! Get SNOOZE to customize a healthy and pampering employee benefit program.

We customize employee benefit program according to your need.

It could be yearly, monthly, weekly or occasional corporate massage program. Our team with professional massage therapist will definitely make your employee benefit program one that you will not regret!

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