We have been staying in and safe at home for more than 2 weeks now. As much as we want to get back to our hectic lives, there are still plenty of unknowns and we can’t be sure of when things are going to be normal again. So there is no better time than now kickstart practical and simple habits. Here’s some ideas of habits we can start building.

1. Keep a journal

Keeping a daily record of your activities and happening in writing can increase your overall awareness of the ongoing and spark creativity. This is a habit adopted by most successful people. It is said journaling also helps to spark creativity and helps us to achieve our goals. Don’t know where and how to start? Just follow the prompts below to kickstart:

  • Today, I am grateful for: 1._____ 2._____ 3._____
  • The 1 amazing thing that happened today is……………
  • How could I have made today better? How do I prepare myself for tomorrow?
  • Affirmation: I am 1._____ 2._____ 3._____

2. Do you not have a habit of making your bed?

Why make it when you will be unmaking it the same night? Many of us have thought of this and find it a waste of time. Setting a simple task such as making your bed, means allowing yourself to start your day with a win. Because, how hard can it be to make your bed anyway. Starting your day by having a task completed promotes productivity throughout the day. Because completed task leads to the next.

Also, a clean and tidy bed may improve sleep quality. Not only you kickstart your day well but also know that you will have a good sleep the same night.

3. Stretch your body

For the longest time, we have been following the same daily routines. Getting up, get to work, eat, and sleep. Perhaps a movie before that. Little do we know, we are slowly losing our flexibility. Muscles that are well stretched have better range of motions and protect us from injury. This does not have to take up much of our time at home.

Stretching 10 minutes a day improves flexibility tremendously. It can be done anywhere requiring very little space. Only 10 minute and little space required. So what can be our excuse of not doing this? Let’s get started.

Embrace new habits in our newfound normal.

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